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eMudhra is a Certifying Authority or Trust Service Provider licensed by Govt of India to issue Digital Signature Certificates.

Benefits of applying for a Digital Signature Certificate with eMudhra:

  • Use Digital Signature Certificates for Director filings for Income Tax, GST, Company filings, eTender, eProcurement and more
  • Apply in a few simple steps through a completely online process
  • Fast turnaround times for approval: usually in <1 hour
  • 24x7 dedicated customer support

Customer Testimonial

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I'd like to highlight my recent experience getting the DSC for the urgent tender project in India.

eMudhra support team helped me from beginning to the end, and I'd like to express sincere appreciation for their professional support in the entire course of time.

Being a foreign person and participating the tender project in India, I experienced a lot of challenges particularly DSC requirement and issuing processes and it was quite daunting to digest that processes in relatively short period of time.

Nevertheless, support team led me the whole process and showed me in a very comprehensive fashion that I quickly able to grasp what needs to be prepared to get DSC, they even helped me during out of business hours to spare the time with me on a long haul explanation.

Also, got technical support so that I could get DSC within target timeframe for the tender. eMudhra support team was very helpful in a way to explain DSC plug in actually onto my laptop for seamless installation.

It was really impressive being helped and supported by a team of professional team at eMudhra as a foreign person and I wish all the best and keep up the good work.

KyungIn Nam

Sales Executive at Riscure B.V