We use globally accepted 128-bit encryption Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect your data when it is transmitted from your computer to our data servers. This kind of technology is used by banks the world over and offers the highest level of protection against any third-party intrusion. With this, you can be sure that your data is shielded from unauthorized access while in transition.

e-Mudhra servers are secured to safeguard your data from viruses and unauthorized intrusion attacks with firewalls and are monitored round-the-clock for any denial of service or intrusion attacks. The servers are hosted at our state of the art data centre to ensure the highest level of security.

As a Registered user at e-Mudhra, you get access to your information only through a unique password, which you create when you register for our service. Since your password is unique to you, only you can get access to your information. We have implemented a stringent security policy to protect your data against unauthorized access and assure you of confidentiality.

The e-Mudhra application is certified by Paladion, security specialists, to ensure that the application meets stringent security criteria and is resistant to attacks. As part of the certification process the application has been subjected to penetration testing against an exhaustive set of security standards and vulnerabilities.