How to Renew Digital Signature Certificate?

You can renew Digital Signature Certificates for individuals and organizations by following a completely online and paperless process on our website.

As per CCA guidelines, renewal of Digital Signatures requires fresh identity verification. You can renew your Digital Signature Certificate by following the same process as buying a new Digital Signature Certificate on our website.

Renew DSC Certificate
Renew your Digital Signature Certificate by following the steps given below
  1. Click on "Renew Certificate".
  2. Select user type based on your use-case (Individual or Organization).
  3. Select certificate type as per your requirement. By default you can select "Signature" as certificate type for all your digital signing purposes. Please note that you need to select "both" (signature & encryption) as the certificate type in case you want to use it for eTendering.
  4. Select the validity period as per your requirement (for example: 1 year/2years/3 years).
  5. Click on "Buy Certificate" to proceed with your purchase.
  6. Verify your identity through online paperless process.
  7. Download your Digital Signature Certificate.

If you need further assistance in renewing your Digital Signature Certificate, please contact us at

Email:, Phone: +91 80 46156902