How to create a digital signature online for free?

A signer can create a digital signature online for free on word, excel, or PDF documents. But to authenticate the identity of the signer, a digital signature certificate is necessary. A digital signature certificate provides proof of identity for online activities and is mandatory in e-filing. Many options are available to signers to produce a legally valid digital signature. Some of the most cost-effective methods are given below.

  • emSigner: A signer can use emSigner application by taking up a 30-day free trial and create a digital signature for free during that period. emSigner can be used to deploy digital signature on documents. Please note that to authenticate the signature, a digital signature certificate is a must have. Users can get a digital signature certificate from eMudhra starting by following a 100% PAPERLESS process.

  • eSign: It is a cloud-based digital signing service provided by eMudhra wherein users can digitally sign a document without having to rely on hardware crypto tokens. It can be used to digitally sign documents using a PAN card or Aadhaar card. It is useful for Application service providers (ASP) to enable their users to electronically sign documents. The cost is Rs.5 per transaction per application or Rs.500 per year per user for unlimited number of signing. eSign is available for individuals, organizations, or applications.