How to make a digital signature?

A signer can make a digital signature by using a handwritten signature and uploading it electronically, or by using the fonts provided by the certifying authority. Also, a signer has the option to include a timestamp, company logo, signatory information, etc.

Make a digital signature by following a few easy steps:

To sign a Word document:

  • Open the saved word document you want to sign.
  • To create a signature line, go to the "INSERT" option.
  • Select the space to put the signature line.
  • Now, you get the option to make a digital signature, you can either type in your name or select an image of your handwritten signature.
  • Authenticate the signature by using the eMudhra digital signature certificate.

To sign a PDF with eMudhra digital signature certificate:

  • Go to the Tools drop-down menu in adobe acrobat, choose certificates, and click on "open".
  • Click on the "digitally sign" option which appears in the toolbar.
  • Select the area where you want the signature to appear.
  • Insert your USB crypto token.
  • A pop-up box with the available digital signature certificates appears on your screen.
  • Now, you can make a digital signature with a timestamp.
  • Save the PDF and add the DSC pin to view the digitally signed document.
  • KC30-2

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