How to register DSC on ICEGATE?

ICEGATE allows cargo and trade bodies, import and export businesses, custom brokers and others to avail its online services using a Class 3 digital signature. Businesses can purchase digital signatures from any trusted Certifying Authority in India such as eMudhra.

To make use of the services from ICEGATE, businesses must register their DSC on the portal. Before trying to register for DSC on the ICEGATE portal, it is mandatory to have the following:

  • Valid Class 3 DSC along with USB token.
  • Installed DSC software.
  • User ID and password to login.

Follow these steps to register DSC on the ICEGATE portal:

Step 1: Open the ICEGATE portal and log in using your user ID and password.

Step 2: Click on 'My Profile'.

Step 3: Select 'Register DSC' from My Profile.

Step 4: Select provider list, certificate list and enter the password. Then press 'Register'.

Step 5: A success message will be displayed on the successful registration of the DSC on the ICEGATE portal.

If you are looking for a digital signature from a trusted Certifying Authority for ICEGATE, you are in the right place. eMudhra, India's largest Certifying Authority provides the best digital signature services as per your requirements for ICEGATE.