How to set digital signature in tally invoice?

To digitally sign the tally invoices, a user must be registered on the GST portal and possess a digital signature certificate. Please note that individuals or organizations can register and get a digital signature certificate within 30 minutes on the eMudhra Digital website.

Below are the steps to be followed to set digital signature in a tally invoice:

Step 1: Go to the tally software on your computer and press F11: Features on the right-hand bottom. Go to 'Add on features'. You will get an option to activate a digital signature, select yes. Also, you can choose to mail after signing and set/alter the email configuration.


Step 2: Select your voucher type and select yes under the 'Use digital signature while printing' option. After that, a pop-up screen appears and you can choose the signature location, reason, and many other features. Save the changes made.


Step 3: Open the selected voucher and click on 'digital signature' from the right-hand navigation box. Enter the number of copies you want and confirm the email address to export the signed tally sheet.

Step 4: Confirm eMudhra digital signature certificate and click on OK.


Step 5: Enter and verify your user pin in the next step and click on 'continue'. Mail will be sent with a digital signature and a copy in PDF format will be saved in your desired destination.