What are the benefits of the Digital Signature?

The growing dependence on technology has transformed the daily operations of all businesses across the globe. As a result, most of the businesses are online, and to give the business transactions a legal status, digital signatures are necessary.

There are numerous benefits of digital signatures, some important ones are listed below:

  • Efficacy: Paper based signatures comes nowhere near to digital signatures in terms of Turnaround Times (TAT). To approve a business transaction, multiple signatures from individuals in the hierarchy may be required. Gathering all the signatures physically in a short span of time may not be possible due to geographical constraints.
  • Better user interface: With the digital signature, Organizations can customize their company logo and colors to enhance customer's experience. Also, sending the documents to and from is simplified with a digital signature because, the need to print, sign and scan is eliminated. Within two minutes, users can open and digitally sign an email or document.
  • Legal compliance: Digital signature follows protocol laid down by the information technology act, 2000, the Government of India. All legal disputes arising from digital signatures can be traced and verified online. Furthermore, multi-factor authentication is required for the identification of users.