Digital Signature Token ePass2003, Proxy, mToken

A Digital Signature Token or USB Token is a password-protected physical device used to establish personal identity. It enables users to access the network without a password. It helps improve security by authenticating user access to the network.

The digital signature token comes with a software that allows authorized users to open and use their digital signatures. They make the process of remote signing more secure and easier with two-factor authentication for remote login and validation. As the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) has made it compulsory to have digital signature tokens along with DSCs, it is important to the know different types of tokens.

Types of Digital Signature Tokens:


ePass2003 is a USB device used to store the digital signature certificate. It is based on a smart-card chip and is very easy to use and carry. ePass2003 can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


Proxkey digital signature token is a hardware cryptographic token. The two-factor authentication of Proxykey makes it the most secure digital signature token. The public and private keys of Proxkey allows for a safe, smooth and easy signing process.


mToken is a plug and play digital signature token. By identifying the users' identity digitally, mToken helps to enhance digital security. It also allows users to perform cloud signing in a seamless manner.

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