Where can I purchase a Digital Signature Certificate?

An individual or organization can effortlessly purchase Digital Signature Certificate online on eMudhra Digital Website within 30 minutes. eMudhra is a certifying authority licensed by the Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), Government of India under the Information technology act (IT), 2000. Therefore, eMudhra is authorized to issue digital signature certificates to individuals or organizations.

There are 3 classes of Digital Signature Certificates, each class is meant to serve a certain category of industry or individuals. Similarly, each class comes with a different level of security and verification process. However, the Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate was discontinued from 01 January 2021 and merged with the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. The merger provides increased security at the cost of a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate.

eMudhra offers Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate used for EPFO Filling, Income tax, GST, MCA, tender submission starting at Rs.1499. Individuals or organizations have the option of selecting the certification type: Signature, Encryption, or combo. Digital Signature Certificate can be purchased with a validity period of 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years. Also, entities residing outside of India have the option of purchasing digital signature certificates only.

For further assistance, customers can contact eMudhra on +91 80 46156902 or send an email to support@emudhra.com.
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