Where can I use Digital Signature Certificates?

Digital signature certificates are mainly used for the following purpose:

  • Income tax e-filing
  • Tender submissions
  • Patent e-filing
  • Trademark e-filing
  • Registration of new business or LLP
  • EPFO filings
  • MCA e-filing
  • GST application filing
  • E-Bidding
  • E-Procurement
  • E-Auction
  • Customs e-filing

Apart from the above documents, a digital signature certificate can be used to sign electronically submitted documents. Additionally, a digital signature certificate can be used to send and receive encrypted emails. Class 3 digital signature certificate registration is necessary to sign the above e-forms.

eMudhra is a certifying authority licensed by the Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA) to issue class 3 digital signature certificates. Signatures generated via class 3 digital signature certificate provide the highest level of security and assurance for the signer as well as data. The primary purpose of class 3 digital signature certificate is to provide a safe gateway in matters involving huge money transactions or confidential data.

Upon registration, public key infrastructure is used to create a tamper-proof digital signature. Digital signature certificates confirm the date, time, name of the organization, and contact information of the signature holder to avoid inquest relating to the authentication of the document. Electronically signing documents can effectively save time, prevent document duplication and retain confidentiality.